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3D Scan Penis Dildo twindick youreplica Dick Custom

The worlds most 
convinient solution

To create dildos , exactly the size and shape of your penis.

Introducing the twindick


Is your twindick

By using advanced methods,

we are able to create

the most realistic product

for the most realisitc experience imaginable.

3D Penis Scan Dildo twindick youreplicaCustom

Manufacctured and designed in Germany

3d scan youreplica twindick dildo silicon

Our Vision

By providing us the necessary informations and data we are able

to create a realisitc 3d scan 

of your / your partners penis 

for an afforable price of 499$

Guaranteeing quality and safety

Our whole process is determindend to provide our customers the most high qualitiy and safe product possible.

Only using high grade

Platinium Silicone wich is the only grade that ensures absolutely no toxins are being released, making it ideal as a material

to be used for manufacturing

the twindick

3D Scan of Dick Dildo twindick youreplica
3d scan dildo penis twindick youreplica


We are aware about the privacy aspects and handle your data in the most discrete manner possible.

We furthermore ensure an ecological low footprint in production and packaging, using mostly recyclable components and only recyclable  packing.

Click here and


May it be that you ...

Miss your parnter ?

Or your partner misses you? 

Dont leave him/her hanging, by introducing the twindick into your realationship.


We even offer a special service for a real 24 Karat plated golden Statue  - if you know what we mean

"Bringing innovation to a market wich deserves it. "

Thomas , H   Co-Founder

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